Rise to the shrine. My interests are mainly based around the relationships between man and nature, in western culture. I believe that humans are separate from animals because humans can make choices in their responses to other people, most people can control their instincts and this is conditioned from society. Animals on the other hand, do not appear to be able to make the same choices. How much of there identity is actually them? We have pets we give them an identity, which is not necessarily true to their origins. In animations animals walk, talk and wear human clothing, animal prints on clothing with humanised characteristics, talking animals in advertising, but in other cultures it seems there is more respect for animals compared to western culture. I see that we humanise animals and give them different identity to the one that they were dealt by nature. I am celebrating this within my work, I see this as a phenomenon in its own right, (anthropomorphism), I am creating religious style iconography that pays tribute to this relationship.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

OLD shrine (this is the before and wait for the after)

These are old shrines
that i made last summer.
Its time to rebuild them
into a new shrine form,
They never felt solid enough and a bit empty,
i visited a few shrines and grave yards to gain a better perspective.

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  1. Hi Tristain

    Thrilled with my print, Norman love it too.. Hope you had lots more sales.. I've put you up on my blog with a photo of the print... x